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Premier Southern California Grocer “Gelson’s Markets” Now Retailing Positive H20 within All Stores

Positive Beverage announces today, that all Gelson’s Markets stores from Santa Barbara to Dana Point are now actively sampling, selling and promoting Positive H20 energy and vitamin beverages within all of its premium grocery stores!

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Positive Charge = Natural Energy + Vitamins + Healthy Electrolytes

It's Simply Beneficial™

Like Positive H2OPositive Charge provides 100% (or more!) of your daily value of vitamin C, B2 and B12 as well as performance-grade electrolytes to help restore and balance your body all day long.

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Lolly's Locks' Annual Night of Fashion with Positive Beverage

Positive Beverage + Fashion + Inspiration 

Lolly's Locks' held their annual "Night of Fashion" on March 26th in Washington, D.C. to raise awareness and strengthen the support for patients coping with the devastating effects of living with cancer. Founded in 2012 in Bethesda, MD, Lolly's Locks' is an organization dedicated to providing high quality wigs to cancer patients suffering with treatment induced hair loss.

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