Positive Beverage Expands its Retail Presence by Launching at University of California Riverside!

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA - With a vision to bring healthy beverages to the leaders of tomorrow, Positive Beverage has officially launched within the University of California Riverside campus and is now sold at all six convenience store locations run by the University. 

"The initial launch actually happened one month ago," Says Vice President, Zach Muchnick, "but we wanted to test their student market before announcing." He continues, "We are now happy to say that with the wide success of our soft launch, the University has agreed to expand our presence by doubling the number of product facings to now total eighteen product facings in all of their on-campus locations!"

Kim Hamburger, Manager of on-campus convenience stores at University of California Riverside was excited to approach Positive Beverage with the initial opportunity, as it fell perfectly into the campus' low sugar & sodium programs while being the only beverage also fortified with calcium & vitamin D.

Now that we have proven it is a hit, we hope that this is the first large deal within an esteemed academic organization and we are proud that it is for UC Riverside!

Positive Beverage was born when its founders were looking for a simpler, healthier alternative to energy drinks and enhanced water, but couldn't find one. They filled the need for simple, clean, good-for-you beverages with a refreshing portfolio of drinks that taste great, too! Whether you choose Positive Charge®, with natural energy from green tea, or any of the fresh flavors of Positive H2O™, every Positive Beverage gives you the essential vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes your body needs for an entire day to keep you feeling positive. The twist of each cap opens a beverage with zero sugar, zero calories, zero carbs, zero sodium and 100% natural flavors. It tastes great - it's good for you - it's Simply Beneficial® - that is Positive Beverage!

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