The Positive Truth

Is Positive H2O just another flavored water?

Positive H2O is much more than "just another water"! Every serving of Positive H2O contains vitamins, calcium and electrolytes along with natural flavors and zero calories. It's Simply Beneficial.

What makes Positive Charge different from other energy beverages?

The source of the charge that Positive Charge delivers is natural and "crash free". Vitamins, electrolytes and natural extracts from green tea and guarana berrys provide the right amount of sustained energy to give you a zero calorie, sodium free charge that tastes great. Think Positive™.

 I can't decide what to order. Is it possible to try all of them?

Yes! You can order a mixed 12 pack of Positive Beverage allowing you to enjoy three different Positive H2O flavors (Mandarin Orange, Acai Cranberry and Perfectly Peach) as well as three bottles of Positive Charge. Can't decide which you like best? Reorder another mixed pack! It's Positively Simple.

How much caffeine is in each serving of Positive Charge?

Each serving of Positive Charge contains 75mg per 8oz serving, or about 150mg per bottle. An 8oz cup of premium coffee contains anywhere from 95-200mg of caffeine.

Is Positive H2O designed to be a vitamin supplement? Should I worry about drinking too much?

Positive H2O contains 100% or more of your daily supply of vitamins C, B2, B12 and D as well as the mineral Calcium however it is not designed to be a vitamin supplement in your diet. The vitamins in Positive H2O are water soluble, so your body will absorb what it needs when it needs it. It's Simply Beneficial™.

What is the flavor of Positive Charge?

The refreshing flavor of Positive Charge is Cucumber-Lime.

How are Positive Beverages sweetened?

Positive Beverages are sweetened with the zero calorie sugar alternative sucralose. 

How many servings are in a bottle?

There are two 8oz servings in every Positive Beverage.

I heard about Positive Beverage on Facebook and want to try it. How can I get some?

Positive Beverage is available through a number of retailers and online through and All orders placed through ship free to your door. Not sure what flavor to try? Order our variety case!

Kids shouldn't consume energy drinks, is Positive Charge safe for kids?

While none of the ingredients in Positive Beverages are harmful to children, Positive Charge in particular, contains natural caffeine. Children, or anyone sensitive to caffeine should refrain from enjoying Positive Charge without consulting a physician.